The Centre of Geographical Studies researcher (IGOT – ULisboa) was recognized for her scientific career at the intersection between Geography and Service and Commerce Studies.

Professor Teresa Barata-Salgueiro was awarded the Mercury Award for “Personality of the Year” in the Research Category. On Monday, November 25th, a gala event occurred at Cinema São Jorge, in Lisbon, where different companies and individuals were honored  for their noteworthy comercial and scientific activities, nationwide.

In the video below, produced by the Organizing Committee of the Mercury Award, Teresa Barata-Salgueiro debates an absence of public policy when it comes to considering commerce as a structuring element of cities that can provide value to social and economic dinamics, which depend on its presence in the urban context.

The Board of the Centre of Geographical Studies (IGOT – ULisboa) celebrates this award granted to Professor Teresa Barata-Salgueiro, which recognizes her solid career as a pioneer researcher when it comes to the study of commerce and the city.

In the list below, we highlight and invite you to become acquainted with some of Teresa Barata-Salgueiro’s research output throughout the years:

Book and book chapters

1995 – Retail planning policy in Portugal, in Ross Davies (ed.) Retail Planning Policies in Western Europe. Londres. Routledge: 182-199.

1996 – Do Comércio à Distribuição. Roteiro de uma Mudança. Lisboa, Celta, 268 págs.

2001 – Lisboa. Periferia e Centralidades. Oeiras. Celta.

2011 –Retail Planning for the Resilient City. Consumption and Urban Regeneration, (ed. com H.Cachinho)  Lisboa. Centro de Estudos Geográficos.

2017 – Tourism and Urban Changes: Lessons from Lisbon (com Luis Mendes e Pedro Guimarães) in Maria Gravari-Barbas & Sandra Guinand (eds.) Tourism and Gentrification in Contemporary Metropolises. International Perspectives. Londres e N Iorque. Routledge, 255- 275.

Papers in scientific journals:

1989 – Novas Formas de Comércio. Finisterra. Revista Portuguesa de Geografia. 24(48): 151-217.

2001 – Paisagem e Geografia. Finisterra. Revista Portuguesa de Geografia. 36(72): 37-53.

2006 – Oportunidades e transformação na cidade centro. Finisterra. Revista Portuguesa de Geografia. 41(81): 9-32.

2016 – Os sistemas comerciais urbanos em tempos de turbulência: vulnerabilidade e níveis de resiliência (com H. Cachinho). Finisterra. Revista Portuguesa de Geografia, 51(101), 89-109.

2017 -Alojamentos Turísticos em Lisboa. Barcelona. Scripta Nova. Revista Electrónica de Geografia y Ciencias Sociales. nº11

2017 – Time-space complexity and the opening hours of commerce: a study of four European cities (em colaboração). Revista de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território (GOT), Centro de Estudos de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território. Porto. Nº12, pp. 153-177.

Video and image provided by the Organizing Committee of the Mercury Award.