Research Support

Technical and administrative support to the CEG is provided by IGOT’s technical and administrative services established in the Regulation no. 144/2011, of February 24 2011, mainly by the Support Unit for Scientific Research, which is in charge of supporting the scientific management and coordination of CEG, namely:

  1. Comply with and enforce the decisions of the Board of the CEG, as well as the regulations approved by other bodies of the Institute in the field of scientific research;
  2. Support the preparation of theoretical and applied research projects and scientific consultancy and submission to the competent entities;
  3. Prepare the CEG assessment processes;
  4. Support researchers in submitting project applications, including preparing documentation and sending it to coordinators and partners;
  5. Monitor projects financing applications;
  6. Maintain contact with the financing entities and partners in national and international projects;
  7. Analyze, monitor and prepare responses to external entities involving the research unit and research projects;
  8. Support the organization of scientific events;
  9. Articulate the activities developed and the processes with the remaining IGOT services.