The Library of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning/Centre of Geographical Studies provides support to teaching and research in Geography. It contains over 21,000 publications (books and journals). Professor Orlando Ribeiro’s bibliographic collection legacy is also open to the public consultation at the Centre of Geographical Studies. The library is updated regularly with new references relevant to teaching and research in Geography and related areas.

Science Officer:Professor Jorge Malheiros |
Technical Officer: Sandra
Contacts: +351 210442932 |

Opening hours
Monday-Friday – 9:00-20:00


  1. Support to Research;
  2. Reading Room;
  3. Loan;
  4. Interlibrary Loan;
  5. Reprographics – photocopies/digitizing;
  6. Internet access.

Online sources:

SIBUL – General Catalogue of the University of Lisbon– (;
Orlando Ribeiro Personal Library – (
Repository UL – collection of documents related to the UL intellectual, academic and scientific production – Full text – (
RCAAP  – Open Access Scientific Repository of Portugal – (
B-on – Online Library of Knowledge – Full text – (
WorldCat – Search Library Catalogs Around the World – (
CAIRN.INFO – Online collection of francophone publications in social sciences and humanities – )
DOAJ online directory that generates indexes and provides free access to specialised journals (
Scielo Portugal
ERUDIT – provides documentation of francophone origin (
LusOpenEdition – Platform for publications and information in social and human sciences at the international level (
JSTOR – Multidisciplinary archive of electronic journals (
SAGE Journals – access to a wide range of journals, including Urban Studies, Environment & Planning (A, B, C e D) and the European Journal of Urban and Regional Research (
Springer Open ( Journals and open access books from all areas of science, technology, humanities, social sciences, etc..
SPRINGER EBOOKS – Available all titles from the Social Sciences and Political Science and International Studies collections, edited in 2016, 2017 and 2018 – Political Science and International Studies / Social Sciences / Earth & Environmental Sciences (Go here to the Search Tutorial)