In response to the pandemic resulting from COVID-19, Finisterra – Revista Portuguesa de Geografia invites reflections that address geographical perspectives related to this global crisis. The deadline is June 15, 2020.

Reflections may involve issues ranging from vulnerabilities in public spaces and transport, risk planning and emergency preparedness, restructuring activities such as trade and services, food security, impacts on mobility, housing and urban density, but also demographic and social (covering gender issues, low-income communities, homeless people, etc.).

All contributions in these fields are welcome, as well as the various scales of analysis (local, metropolitan, regional, national, global).

Finisterra particularly values ​​contributions that include aspects of solidarity, equity and inclusion. Each reflection will allow experts from our community to reflect on the situation and offer a broader view of the crisis and its possible implications for geographic knowledge.

1. Each reflection should be no longer than 2,000 words (all included).
2. Bibliographic references must include, at most (indicative), up to 10 sources.
3. Visual accompaniment, with a maximum of three images (infographics, maps and photographs): the authors can use images from their personal collections or from sources without copyright.

The manuscripts selected for publication will appear in a special edition of Finisterre before the end of 2020 and, after their acceptance, will be published online “ahead of print” as soon as possible.

It is encouraged to send the reflections until June 15, 2020, to expedite the inclusion of the special edition of Finisterre, but we will accept submissions after this date for publication in regular numbers. Authors should use the Finisterre platform, indicating on the title page “CoV-19”.