Five mentors and five mentees from the Center of Geographical Studies (IGOT-ULisboa) are participating in the FELISE – Feminist Leadership in Science program, which operates within the scope of the GEARING-Roles project.

The mentees are Amandine Desille, Ana Estevens, Adélia Verônica Silva, Elisa Alves and Sílvia Cardoso participate. At the same time, Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Margarida Queirós, Helena Esteves, Alina Esteves and Jennifer McGarrigle act as mentors.

The FELISE mentoring program, coordinated by FECYT and lasting seven months, it is a pilot program to be carried out in the institutions that implement the GEARING-Roles projet’s Gender Equality Plans.
This program aims to support of 30 researchers at the beginning of their careers so that they can more easily progress and participate in decision-making bodies. More information here.
You can also learn more about the GEARING-Roles project in this video.