Position: Integrated Researcher with Doctoral Degree

Academic background: PhD in Tourism

Research GroupTERRITUR

Email: tiago.lopes@eshte.pt

Research interests: Planning and management in tourism, service quality in tourism, creative experiences, nature and adventure tourism, recreation and events.

ORCID: 0000-0002-1548-1287

Ciência Vitae: A17-65E6-B2FE


Tiago Lopes completed his PhD in Tourism at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of Lisbon University (IGOT-UL), holding a Master’s degree in Tourism with specialization in Planning and Management in Nature and Adventure Tourism. He’s a professor at Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies (ESHTE) and at Lusófona University (ULHT). Associate researcher at the Center for Geographical Studies (CEG, IGOT-UL) and collaborator at the Centre for Research, Development and Innovation in Tourism (CiTUR). In addition to his teaching career, has worked in nature tourism planning, developing a nature tourism office associated to the management of peri-urban natural areas.