Position: Collaborator

Academic background: PhD in anthropology , specializing in Portuguese Ethnology ( New University of Lisbon , 2011) , Master in Geography and Planning Regional- Land Management ( New University of Lisbon , 2000) , Degree in Anthropology ( New University of Lisbon , 1994)

Research Group: ZOE

Email: rita.castelbranco@campus.ul.pt

Research interests: Geographic Education , Children’s Geography, Cultural Geography, Anthropology and Health

ORCID: 0000-0002-9245-8347


Rita Cortes Castel’Branco was born on 01.11.1971 in Lisbon. Her career and academic interest
has been built on dialogue between Anthropology and Geography. For several years she
has taught several courses of scientific fields of Anthropology and
Geography, in various courses in a Private School of Education in Lisbon, in which she guided many final reports and projects under the Masters degree in Education
Preschool, Preschool Education and Teaching of the 1st CEB and Master “The Child and the Arts”. Given her interest in the study of spatial representations and building concepts
geographic in children of preschool and school age, she is currently developing scientific work in the field of Geographic Education tending to the Post-Doctorate in Geography and at the same time she develops superior technical functions in the Department of Social Development and Programs at Social Security. She has served functions Steering the ISS, IP, in the Programming and Operational Assessment Center in CNPRP. She has presented and studied the problem of occupational diseases in Portugal. She represented Portugal by the INE and ISS, IP, from 2000 to 2009 in the Pilot EODS Eurostat.