Position: Integrated Researcher with Doctoral Degree

Academic background: PhD in Human Geography, 2013

Research Group: MIGRARE

Email: mjhortas@gmail.com

Research interests: Human Geography; Migration, Education and Integration; Geographic Education, Diversity and Citizenship; Didactic of Geography

ORCID: 0000-0002-3159-8362

Ciência Vitae: 0310-7ED6-E75D


Coordinating Professor at the Escola Superior de Educação, Polytechnic of Lisbon, in the scientific field of Social Sciences, teaching in the initial training of teachers and kindergarten teachers and in the training of social educators. Researcher in Didactic of Social Sciences. The most recent research projects are: Education for the future and hope in democracy. Rethinking the teaching of social sciences in times of change (coord. UABarcelona); Embedding a Democratic Culture Dimension in Teacher Education Programs (EDCD-TEP), Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation, EU/CoE (UABarcelona; Manchester Metropolitan University; ESELx).With publications in Didactica Geográfica; REIDICS (Journal of Research in Didactics of Social Sciences); Espaço do Currículo.
Researcher at the Center for Geographical Studies, IGOT, University of Lisbon, group Migrare, where she has developed national and international projects in the field of Human Geography, immigration and socio-educational integration of children and young people with an immigrant background. The most recent research projects are: Education for Integration: the portuguese school system from the perspective of the integration of NPT immigrant children and young people residing in Portugal and asylum seekers (ARMouraria; FCLisboa; Instituto de Educação, UL; CEG-IGOT, UL); Inclusion or discrimination? From the analysis of school results to strategies for the success of students with an immigrant background (CICS.NOVA-FCSH/UNL; CEG-IGOT, UL; OM, ACM; NSBE, UNL; EPIS); Integr(Arte) – immigration, arts, education and local integration experiences (ESELx; ACM). With publications in Intercultural Education; Citizenship, Teaching & Learning.