Position: Collaborative Researcher

Academic background:  Architect-urbanist by the Faculty of Architecture of the Federal University of Bahia (FAUFBA, 1994); master in urbanism (FAUFBA, 2003), human ecology (University of Évora, 2003) e risk sciences (University of Coimbra, 2010); PhD in Territory, Risk and Public Policies (Universities of Coimbra, Lisbon and Aveiro, 2018).

Research Group: RISKam

Email: lilianeas@gmail.com

Research interests: (1) social-spatial dimensions of flood-risk preparedness and adaptation, (2) community-based resilient design, (3) risk mainstreaming into architectural practices, (4) political ecology’s approach to risks and informality

ORCID: 0000-0002-8319-0502

Ciência Vitae: 3D18-ACDC-65F3

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Liliane Hobeica is an architect-urbanist whose research activities have been following a broad disciplinary approach. After three master degrees, in urbanism, human ecology and risk sciences, she concluded in 2018 a PhD in risk sciences, in which she explored the potentials of spatial design as a flood-adaptation tool within urban-riverfront interventions. Her research interests lie in the interfaces between geography, architecture and urbanism.