Position: Integrated Researcher with Doctoral Degree

Academic background: Graduation in Geography and Spatial Planning in 1988; Master in Geography and Urban and Regional Planning in 1993; and PhD in Geography – Specialization in Spatial Planning in 2001

Research Group: MOPT

Email: eduarda.costa@campus.ul.pt

Research interests: Urban and regional planning; cohesion policy and evaluation of public policies; and the promotion of healthy cities.

ORCID: 981E-1D2A-E5A6

Ciência Vitae: 0000-0001-5070-3562

Other Links:
Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=gyudlrYAAAAJ


Eduarda Marques da Costa is associate professor at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Lisbon. She is also researcher at the Center for Geographical Studies and the Terra Laboratory at the same university, where she coordinates the research group “MOPT – Modeling, Planning and Territorial Planning”. In the last 30 years, he has participated and coordinated several research projects, as well as studies/strategies linked to public and private institutions, highlighting his connection to studies by the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, the ESPON Program (collaboration in projects and as a member of the sounding board 2007-2013) and in evaluation studies linked to the Structural Funds. It also collaborated with national entities and with the African Development Bank. Since 2015, it she is member of the list of Ad-Hoc Experts of the URBACT III Program (Health Issues and Support for local entities in the design and implementation of participatory processes).