Position: Integrated researcher without doctoral degree

Academic background:
Master Degree, Archaeology, 2016
Bachelor’s Degree, Archaeology, 2013

Research GroupZEPHYRUS

Email: andrelopes@campus.ul.pt

Research interests: 4th and 3rd millennium BC in the Portuguese Estremadura; Walled and Ditch enclousures, pit camps and necropolises; Archaeological prospection; Remote sensing; Application of GIS in Archaeology

ORCID: 0000-0002-9735-5523

Ciência Vitae: 2D1A-BFFD-7853


André Texugo is a PhD candidate currently studying remote sensing applications in the Walled Enclosures Phenomenon of Portuguese Estremadura. He currently collaborates with different archaeology companies in recording and safeguarding archaeological heritage through the usage of R.P.A.’s and photogrammetric methods.