Position: Integrated Researcher with Doctoral Degree

Academic background: PhD, Aggregation

Research GroupZEPHYRUS

Email: anarp@campus.ul.pt

Research interests: Littorale, extreme events, current coastal dynamics, paleolandscapes, spatial planning

ORCID: 0000-0002-2211-1321

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Ciência Vitae: 6119-3592-BFFF

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Geomorphology, in its great diversity, constitutes the central theme of the investigation. The temporal scales dealt with range from millennia to the present, from paleolandscapes to current landscapes, and the privileged space has been the littoral, including the emerged and submerged space. The study of the forcing elements of the landforms, especially on the coasts (beaches, dunes, cliffs and continental margin), has involved the analysis of the ocean-atmosphere interaction and the impacts of extreme events and his impacts in a context of the rising sea levels. As the coast is a place of strong urbanization and anthropogenic pressure, planning issues have also been a topic of applicability of the research carried out. Within the framework of the Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development (UNESCO), research has focused on the community’s perception of the ocean and coast, aiming to assess the role of formal and non-formal education in that space of interaction.