Research at MIGRARE is conducted in the following areas:

  • Immigration and demographic dynamics in Europe,
    • International migrations and labour market organisation,
    • Migration and regional development in migrants’ origin and destination areas,
    • Diasporas and transnational communities,
    • Immigration and processes of urban transformation (spatial, demographic, economic, social and cultural),
    • Processes of socio-spatial mobility: comparative analysis of diverse groups of migrants; intra-group differences derived from different types of factors (gender, life-cycle stage, education, urban/non-urban origin),
    • Comparative analysis of local and national policies and initiatives in the areas of migration and integration, mainly in the domains of socio-ethnic housing and segregation in residential areas, transformation and appropriation of urban spaces, education and health for migrants and their offspring.
    • Immigration and inter-ethnic conflicts
    • Monitoring and evaluation studies of immigration and social inclusion policies.

The researchers at MIGRARE have an extensive experience in national and international research projects, and in collaborating with research centres in Europe and North America, most specifically in the framework of the Metropolis international project ( and the network of excellence IMISCOE – International migration, integration and social cohesion in Europe (, ensuring the coordination of the research cluster B5 – Social integration and mobility: education, housing and health.