Gonçalo Vieira, researcher at the Center for Geographical Studies and Professor at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, ULisboa, takes on the vice-presidency of the Executive Committee of the International Permafrost Association (IPA), having been elected for a four-year term.

IPA was founded in 1983 and aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge about permanently chilled soil (permafrost) and to promote cooperation between individuals and organizations that carry out research and engineering work on permafrost. Portugal became an associate member of the IPA in 2005 and an integrated member in 2008, at the Fairbanks International Congress.

Research on the impacts of climate change on permafrost environments is one of the areas in which Portuguese polar science has stood out the most, with Gonçalo Vieira’s team at CEG (IGOT-Ulisboa) maintaining an important network of Global Terrestrial observatories Network for Permafrost in the Antarctic Peninsula. The team has also developed work on several projects in the Canadian Arctic and Subarctic and in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. His work on permafrost in Portugal has focused on paleoenvironmental reconstruction, particularly in the Serra da Estrela area.

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