Workshop Integração de Perspetivas Feministas e Intersecionais em Projetos de Investigação

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No âmbito do projeto Gearing Roles e do Plano para a Igualdade de Género do IGOT, realiza-se uma ação de formação sobre a integração de perspetivas feministas e intersecionais em projetos de investigação. O workshop decorre no dia 6 de outubro, na sala de conferências do IGOT, e tem uma duração de 5h30, incluindo uma pausa de uma hora para o almoço.

Formadora: Doutora Kitti Baracsi (Email: )

Todos/as interessados/as em participar nesta formação deverão inscrever-se aqui:

Número de vagas: 25  (Se o número de inscrições for superior ao número de vagas, a seleção será feita segundo a ordem da inscrição)

How to go beyond buzzwords? Feminism and intersectionality in the research practice
As part of the Gearing roles project and IGOT’s Gender Equality Plan, we are offering a training on the integration of feminist and intersectional perspectives in research projects on October 6th. The training lasts 5.5 hours and includes a one-hour lunch break. A detailed description of the event is given below.

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Trainer: Kitti Baracsi

Duration: 5,5 hours: 10h00-16h00, incl. lunch break 12h30-13h30 and two short breaks

Date: 6 October 2022

The training aims at creating a space of collective learning where participants can reflect on their research practice from an intersectional feminist perspective. We will work with the participants’ past, ongoing or future research projects to reflect on processes, and through this, acquire methodological and analytical tools. The training goes beyond the attempts to address the absence of women by simply “adding women and stirring”. During the training, we will try to determine what methodological approach is best suited to answer the participants’ research question and what are those principles and ways of self-questioning that can bring towards the improvement of their approach.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no distinctively or uniquely feminist methodology that will unequivocally ensure against any kind of gender, race, age, class, etc. biases in research. The training, therefore, provides points of reflection and proposes knowledge-generating strategies that challenge asymmetric and inequitable knowledge constructions. To actively take into account gender issues when conducting research, we will collectively reflect on reflexivity, positionality, engaged research, participatory action research, community-based research, collaborative research, autoethnography, multimodal research and so forth, their potential and their limits, based prevalently on feminist academic literature and practical examples from various places in Europe and Latin America.

We will work with horizontal methods, experiential learning and peer mentoring by creating a laboratory where participants share their data, analysis, ideas, doubts and questions. Before attending the training, the participants will be asked to fill out a brief form to get an insight into their research projects and specific needs.

10h00-11h00 | Presentation of the participants’ research project(s) and identification of their gender-related challenges
11h15-12h30 | Reflexivity and positionality: key insights
13h30-15h00 | Practical examples to address the inequalities in knowledge production 15:15-16:00 Toward a more intersectional research design in the participants’ projects


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