Re-Place – Opening Event: Mobilities and local development in peripheral places

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The opening event of Re-Place will take place in the IGOT Library on Monday, March 20th at 16h30.


Mário Vale (President, IGOT-ULisboa) and José Luís Zêzere (Director, CEG)

Re-Place: the beginning
Jennifer McGarrigle (IGOT-ULisboa)

Film screening
Alin in the Ghost Town – ethnographic film, 7 minutes, England, Stefano Piemontese (Institute for Research into Superdiversity, University of Birmingham)
Stefano Piemontese began filming Alin’s life in 2014. At that time, he was a teenager living in precarious housing conditions on the outskirts of Madrid. Over the years, though, Stefano and Alin continued fantasising about working together on this project, each with different motivations and perspectives. Unfortunately, when the opportunity presented itself, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, preventing Stefano from travelling to film his life in Spain and Romania where Alin had just temporarily moved with his family. Towards the end of 2020, Stefano sends Alin a smartphone, inviting him to record a video diary about his life during the pandemic. “Alin in the ghost town” (2023) is his visual accounts of that period.

I’m everywhere and nowhere at once – ethnographic film, 40 minutes, Portugal, Amandine Desille (IGOT-ULisboa)
In this coming-of-age film, we follow Filipe and Hugo while they spend the summer in Trás-os-Montes, Portugal. From childhood memories, lazy summers filled with boredom, to their aspirations of a better life, we explore the ambiguous relationship these youngsters foster with rural Portugal, and their skillful navigation across various identities, languages and terrains.

Short Q&A
Moderator Franz Buhr (IGOT-ULisboa)

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