European Ground Motion Service (EGMS) is a direct response to the request of users for consistent, regular, standardized, harmonized and reliable information regarding natural and anthropogenic ground motion phenomena over Europe and across national borders. Although, the EGMS provides data for any user interested in precise measurements of ground motion over an area of interest, the correct analysis and interpretation of data require expertise and knowledge base. In this context RASTOOL was launched on 1 April 2022 and will last 2 years, it aims to provide decision makers as territorial managers and Civil Protection Authorities (CPAs) with the appropriate set of tools for simplifying the EGMS data, to automatically analyze the results and to generate maps to support hazard, exposure and risk-assesment against geohazards, both natural and anthropogenic.

RASTOOL proposes a set of tools which are targeting the preparation critical to face ground motion phenomena detectable by means of satellite interferometry. The tools will be (i) adapted to the volume, format and specifications of the EGMS, (ii) tested and internally quality controlled, (iii) distributed to the users and (iv) validated in multiple border regions. RASTOOL will improve knowledge on i) testing, demonstration and/or implementation of innovative practices to enhance prevention of, and preparedness for natural and/or anthropogenic disasters; ii) developing methods and tools to support decision-making in disaster risk management.

The RASTOOL project consortium is composed of partners from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium which are recognised universities and public sector organisations. Namely, the Technological Centre of Telecommunications of Catalonia (CTTC), the Spanish Geological Survey (Instituto Geológico Minero de España, IGME-CSIC), the University of Firenze (UniFi), Geographic Institute and Spatial Planning (IGOT) and EuroGeoSurveys(EGS) who will act as the link between technical part and end users. The consortium would also count with three associated partners that will give support on the user requirements and assessment and will act as main beneficiaries of the outputs of the project: Spanish Civil Protection, Portuguese Civil Protection and Valle di Aosta civil protection from Italy.

RASTOOL is coordinated by CTTC. The kick-off meeting of RASTOOL was held as a hybrid event on 4th and 5th May 2021; where all partners discussed the context and purpose of the project, and the common goals. 


Oriol Monserrat, Technological Centre of Telecommunications of Catalonia (CTTC), RASTOOL Project Coordinator