The webinar series COVID-19: (Cons)Ciência Geográfica (a play on conscience and science) is focused on geographical analysis regarding COVID-19 impact within Portugal. The series is promoted by the Centre of Geographical Studies (IGOT-ULisboa). The 5th online session, open to the public, takes place on June 3rd, at 4 p.m.

This sixth session has the theme International Migrations and Migrant Communities: Impacts of COVID-19. The moderator will be Maria Lucinda Fonseca (CEG / IGOT – ULisboa). The panel will consist of Sofia Cruz (IOM in Portugal), Sónia Pereira (High Commissioner for Migration), João Peixoto (ISEG – ULisboa) and Juliana Iorio (CEG / IGOT – ULisboa).

The Zoom link for participation is this:  — it will also be available live on Facebook page of the Centre of Geographical Studies.

Free, but prior registration is encouraged for the organization of this and future events.

For those who missed the opportunity to attend the previous sessions, here are the videos:

Session #1

Session #2

Session #3

Session #4

Session #5