Finisterra – Portuguese Journal of Geography‘s Annual Lecture took place on December 5th, before a crowded room. The guest lecturer was Ayona Datta, Professor at University College London.

Her lecture was titled ‘The Smart Safe City’: Curating Gendered time, Speed and Violence in the networked periphery.

The Annual Lecture included a a recognition for Marina Carreiras, who won the Article of the Year Award (2018) for her paper entitled Socio-spatial integration of social housing neighborhoods in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

Honorable mentions were given to Brenda Matossian, author of Inequalities and Frontiers (in) materiales in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina, and Patrícia Ribeiro, João Ferrão and Júlia Seixas, authors of Mainstreaming climate adaptations in spatial planning: the case of Baixa Pombalina in Lisbon.