Started in 2019 

GEOSAHARA – Saharan dust events and impacts on health in Portugal and Morocco | Marcelo Fragoso (Coordinator) | FCT/CNRST | 2019-2020

Gearing Roles – Gender Equality Actions in Research Institutions to traNsform Gender ROLES | Maria Lucinda Fonseca (Parceiro) | CSA | 2019-2022 | Twitter:

EWSI 2018 – European Website of Integration | Alina Esteves (Coordination) | Migration Policy Group | 2019

NUNANTAR – Analysis of nunataks of the Antarctic Peninsula as multiproxy data sources on environmental change and climate dynamics │ Marc Oliva (Coordinator) │ FCT: PTDC/CTA-GFI/32002/2017│ 2019-2021

People&Fire – People&Fire: Reducing Risk, Living with Risk│José Luís Zêzere (Participant)│FCT: PCIF/AGT/0136/2017│2019-2021

Started in 2018 

SMARTOUR – Tourism, holiday rentals and rehabilitation: Smart urban policies for a sustainable future │ Agustin Cócola (Coordinator) │FCT: PTDC/GES-URB/30551/2017 │2018-2021

BeSafeSlide (BSS) – Landslide Early Warning soft technology prototype to improve community resilience and adaptation to environmental change│ Sérgio Oliveira (Coordinator) │ FCT: PTDC/GES-AMB/30052/2017 │2018-2021

PHOENIX – Retail-Led Urban Regeneration and the New Forms of Governance │ Herculano Cachinho (Coordinator) │ FCT: PTDC/GES-URB/31878/2017│2018-2021

GRAMPCITY – Moving smartly towards accessible & inclusive urban environments for our elders │ Nuno Costa (Participant) │ FCT: PTDC/GES-TRA/32121/2017 │2018-2021

WARDEN – An operational early WARning system for DENgue and other arboviral diseases in Madeira Island │Jorge Rocha (Participant)│2018-2021

TRIAD – healTh RIsk and social vulnerability to Arboviral Diseases in mainland Potugal │ Jorge Rocha (Coordinator) │ FCT: PTDC/GES-OUT/30210/2017│2018-2021

SustenLis – Sustainable urban requalification and vulnerable populatons in the historical center of Lisbon │ Pedro Guimarães (Participant) │ FCT: PTDC/GES-URB/28853/2017│2018-2021

MetroGov – Governance in Lisbon Metropolitan Area in a context of conflict, competition and cooperation │ Paulo Morgado (Participant) │ FCT: PTDC/GES-URB/30453/2017│2018-2021

STRINGS – Selling The Rural IN (urban) Gourmet Stores: establishing new liaisons between town and country through the sale and Consumption of rural products │ Jorge Rocha (Participant) │ FEDER/FCT: projeto nº 02981│2018-2021

ALTITUD3 – Assessment of Low-cost Aerial Intelligent Systems for natural Terrain 3D mapping │ Gonçalo Vieira (Participant) │ FCT: PTDC/EAM-REM/30475/2017│2018-2021

CROSS-MIGRATION – Current European and Cross-National Comparative Research and Research Actions on Migration │ Lucinda Fonseca (Participant) │ H2020 |CSA │Contract number: 770121│2018-2020 | Twitter:

PROPOLAR 2018-19 – Programa Polar Português 2018-19│ Gonçalo Vieira (Coordinator) │ FCT │2018-2019 (LINK:

MigRural – Return mobilities to rural Portugal: an assessment of the production of place │ Lucinda Fonseca (Coordinator) │ H2020 |MSCA-IF-EF-ST │Contract number: 794030 │ 2018-2020

PLANTA II – Role of salt-marsh plants in the mercury cycle under climate change scenarios: tracking the fate in light of toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic data│ Gonçalo Vieira (Participant) │ FEDER/FCT: projeto nº 031208 │2018-2021

EWSI 2018 – European Website of Integration│Alina Esteves (Participant)│Migration Policy Group

Started in 2017 

Started in 2016 

ÁGORA – Encounters between the City and arts: exploring new urbanities │Ana Estevens (Coordinator) │FCT: PTDC/ATP-GEO/3208/2014 │ 2016-2019

FORLAND – Hydro-geomorphologic risk in Portugal: driving forces and apllication for land use planning│ Susana Pereira (Coordinator)│ FCT: PTDC/ATP-GEO/3208/2014 │ 2016-2019

NoVOID – Ruins and vacante lands in the Portuguese cities: exploring hidden life in urban derelicts and alternative planning proposals for the perforated city │ Eduardo Brito Henriques (Coordinator) │ FCT: PTDC/ATP-EUR/1180/2014 │ 2016-2019

exPERts – Making sense of Planning expertise: housing policy and the role of experts in the Programa Especial de Realojamento (PER) │ Eduardo Ascensão (Participant) │ FCT: PTDC/ATP-EUR/4309/2014 │ 2016-2019

FIRE – Fogo Island volcano: multi disciplinar Research on 2014 Eruption │ Gonçalo Vieira (Participant) │ FCT: PTDC/GEO-GEO/1123/2014 │ 2016-2019

P-RIDE – Portugal: Regional Integration of Demography and Economy │Diogo de Abreu (Participant) │FEDER/FCT – PTDC/ATP-DEM/0441/2014 │ 2016-2019

FINHABIT – Inhabiting in Financial Time: Housing and the Production  of Space in Democratic Portugal  │ Jorge Malheiros (Participant) │ FEDER/FCT: PTDC/ATP-GEO/2362/2014 │ 2016-2019 

MERH – Modernisation, Education and Human Rights|Maria Lucinda Fonseca (Participant) | Erasmus + Ação Chave 2 | 2016-2019 (LINK:

Started in 2015