Concerning TL1, the planned activities follow the converging objectives of the comprised RGs, meaning research facing mainly the SC5 on Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials: urban climatology and bioclimatology; influences of physical and human factors in natural communities; environmental changes, critical rainfall and drought thresholds and impacts; remote sensing and modelling climate sensitivity; sea level rise, coastal erosion, land use changes, ecosystems and conservation status; ‘reconstruction’ of ancient climate from historical sources and natural data; climate change and vector borne diseases; resource sustainability assessment and management; monitoring and sustainable management of polar, mountain, coastal and estuarine environments. Under SC7 on Secure societies – protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens, the focus will be on the increasing of Europe’s resilience to crises and disasters (e.g. human and social vulnerability; hazard and risk assessment).

The SC1 on Health, demographic change and well-being will ask for RG research on climate change impacts on health, wellbeing and disease. Within the SC2 an application is being prepared for the “Blue Growth – BG-15-2014, European Polar Research Cooperation”, and other for the SC6, on the European coordination on polar research and infrastructure.