The CEG vision for the future involves the continuity and development of past and on-going research and strives to ensure methodological and conceptual innovation, as well as applied research, within the activities to be carried out by the described 7 Research Groups (RG), strategically guided by the 3 defined Thematic Lines (TL):

TL1, Environmental Change, Natural Resources and Risks;

TL2, Mobilities, Socioterritorial Diversity and Urban Dynamics;

TL3, Spatial Planning and Regional Development.

Each TL takes into account the Objectives of the comprised RGs and the Horizon 2020 Priority 3, Societal Challenges (SC).

The Thematic Lines (TL) are an intermediate level of research coordination, between the Directive Board of the Research Unit and the Research Groups (RG). Each TL is coordinated by a researcher appointed by the coordinators of the relevant RG and ratified by the Director of CEG.
Even though the practical implementation of the research activity is carried out by the RG, they help TL to define the overall research strategy of CEG and then acknowledge TL research priorities, in accordance with overall CEG research objectives. These, in turn derive from both international and national research priorities and CEG strategies, research capabilities and skills.