Position: Associate

Academic backgroundPhD in Physical Geography (University of Barcelona, 2009) , MSc in Physical Geography (University of Barcelona, 2006), MSc in Applied Climatology (University of Barcelona, 2006), Degree in Geography (University of Barcelona, 2004)

Research GroupZEPHYRUS

Email: oliva_marc@yahoo.com | marcoliva@campus.ul.pt

Research interests: Cryosphere, permafrost,Quaternary, geomorphology, climate variability

ORCID: 0000-0001-6521-6388

Other links:

Homepage: http://www.marcoliva.com/

Marc Oliva


Since January 2010 Marc Oliva is working at the Centre for Geographical Studies of the University of Lisbon (CEG-UL). During the last years M. Oliva has substantially improved his research outputs and teaching skills.

He has published tens of papers in international peer review journals (SCI, IN-RECS), many of which in top leading ones on geomorphological and palaeoclimatic topics. He has published up to 52 chapters in books and 90 abstracts in conference proceedings. He has given 33 lectures in conferences, 28 more by invitation and led 35 poster communications. M. Oliva has completed six internships in international research centres (Argentina, Switzerland, Canada, Portugal, Spain) and has been granted by several international institutions and governments to participate in conferences. He has also been awarded by universities and organizations. He is involved in seven international scientific associations.

M. Oliva is also involved in the organization of several international conferences and scientific sessions. He is accredited by Spanish and Catalan agencies (ANECA, AQU) for teaching in university environments. He has participated in Doctoral Dissertation Committees and often serves as a referee for international journals. He has organized two Special Issues in the journals Solid Earth and Sedimentary Geology. M. Oliva has also carried out a wide range of outreach activities to reach an audience beyond academia in order to spread his research activities in Antarctica.