Position: Researcher

Academic background

PhD in Human Geography (Universidade de Lisboa, 1999)
MSc in Human Geography and Regional and Local Planning (Faculty of Arts, Universidade de Lisboa, 1991)
Degree in Geography (Faculty of Arts, Universidade de Lisboa, 1984)

Research Group: ZOE

Email: hc@campus.ul.pt

Research interests: Resilience of urban commercial systems
Management of time and temporality in commerce
Urban regeneration led by consumption
Problem-based learning
Threshold concepts of geography
Powerful knowledge

ORCID: 0000-0003-2238-0967

Other Links:
Google Scholar – https://scholar.google.com.br/citations?user=JcZF_hoAAAAJ&hl=pt-PT
Researcher ID – https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Herculano_Cachinho

Herculano Cachinho


Herculano Cachinho holds a doctorate in Human Geography and a master’s degree in Human Geography and Regional and Local Planning. Currently, he is Associate Professor at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT), University of Lisbon, and researcher at the ZOE Group – Urban and Regional Dynamics and Policies, at the Center for Geographical Studies (CEG). Among the positions he holds, he is coordinator of the degree in Geography and member of the IGOT Scientific Council, and coordinator of the ZOE Research Group.

He divides research into two major domains: a) the geography of retail and consumption; b) geographic education and active teaching methodologies. In the first domain, the priority activities cover the issues of the resilience of urban retail systems; the study of time and temporality in retailing; the impacts of shopping malls on the production and experience of the city; the consumption-led urban regeneration and new forms of urban governance. In the second field, research has focused on the analysis of the threshold concepts of geography and geographic education, and the design of significant teaching-learning experiences involving problem based learning.