Position: Researcher

Academic background: PhD in Physical Geography – Biogeography (University of Lisbon, 1999)
Graduation in Physical Geography, University of Lisbon, Portugal 1985)

Research GroupZEPHYRUS

Email: cneto@campus.ul.pt

Research interests: Biogeography; Vegetation Science; Environmental Changes; Geobotany; Phytosociology

ORCID: 0000-0003-0912-0255

Carlos Neto


Carlos Silva Neto is a Biogeographer, vegetation ecologist and vascular plant taxonomist. The main areas of interest and investigation are focused in Biogeography, Plant Ecology, Phytosociology and Physical Geography.
The flora studies follow the components of taxonomy, auto-ecology, chorology, cartography, conservation policies and molecular studies.
The vegetation studies turn the research, to the interpretation and description of new communities and the relations with biotope characteristics and anthropic impact.
The impact of environmental changes on flora and vegetation is another area of interest especially:
1. the impact of the sea rise in salt marshes coastal lagoons and coastal sand dunes;
2. the importance of land cover and land use changes in natural plant communities and their floristic composition;
3. modeling the impact of environmental changes (especially climate changes) on the future spatial distribution of plant populations;
4. management policies to mitigate the impacts on natural ecosystems especially in coastal areas.

These studies are important for management of the territory and to establish Landscape Plans.