Migration in the digital era: exploring new data, practices, and lifestyles

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The 3rd EuroMedMig national workshop – “Migration in the digital era: exploring new data, practices, and lifestyles” – aims at exploring the diversity of approaches relating to Mediterranean migration and the digital. Since the 1990s, migration scholarship has looked into the ways information and communication technologies (ICTs) have proved crucial for the maintenance of long-distance familial arrangements, for the mobilisation of migrants’ social networks, for managing remittances and other transnational transactions. Yet, digital economies have recently produced new forms of mobile work and lifestyles, such as platform workers, business expatriates and digital nomads. States and smart cities have also resorted to collaborative technologies (such as ‘my city’/’my neighbourhood’ apps) to foster integration and urban citizenship.

As migrants use and produce content on digital media, new forms of data are generated. Social media platforms have attracted academic attention (e.g. netnography, social media analytics etc.), but big data has been systematically explored by technology firms, marketing companies and States. This opens up new research and policy possibilities, but also poses fundamental ethical questions (use of digital personal data, cyber tracing, web crawling etc.).

The Lisbon workshop will bring together academics, policy makers, and practitioners to promote dialogue around the ways Mediterranean migration has been transformed by digital technologies. It will also inspire the organisation of the EuroMedMig symposium that will take place in 2022.

Scientific organisation: Maria Lucinda Fonseca (IGOT-ULisboa), Franz Buhr (IGOT-ULisboa), Amandine Desille (IGOT-ULisboa)

The full programme can be seen here.

Register here: https://lnkd.in/d9kTVrr

After registration, participants will receive the link to access the virtual meeting room by e-mail.

EuroMedMig: https://www.upf.edu/web/euromedmig
IGOT: http://www.igot.ulisboa.pt/
CEG: http://ceg.ulisboa.pt

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