The Centre of Geographical Studies and the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning are the hosts of the “The coming of age of migration studies: Debating the evolution and impact of a research field” conference, February 5-6.

This conference marks the integration of the H2020 projects CrossMigration and RESOMA into the IMISCOE Research Network. It presents the key outcomes of these projects, maps future developments within IMISCOE, and most importantly, provides a moment to reflect on how the migration research community can contribute to impact on one of today’s most complex issues as well as contribute to the further academic evolution of migration studies as a research field. 

To engage in these dialogues on migration studies, its impact and its academic evolution, participation is invited from migration scholars (from IMISCOE as well as beyond), societal stakeholders from various types of organisations, and from governments at various levels. The outcomes of the conference will live on within the IMISCOE Research Network.

Full program here.