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Two Masters’ Research Grants – Reference: MIGRARE-BI-2020

A call for applications is now open regarding two Masters’ Research Grants in the scope of the Gearing Roles – Gender Equality Actions in Research Institutions to traNsform Gender ROLES and EUMedMi – Mapping European Mediterranean Migration Studies projects. The competition is open from September 16th to September 30th 2020. […]

At the end of September, CEG promotes the CEG-Tourism Week 2020

The CEG-Tourism Week 2020 takes place from 28 September to 2 October, organized by the TERRITUR Research Group – Tourism, Heritage and Space of the Centre of Geographical Studies (CEG) of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) at the University of Lisbon (ULisboa). […]

Applications regarding Support for Polar Research Projects in all scientific areas 2020-2021

The Portuguese Polar Program Coordination Commission (PROPOLAR), with the support of Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P. (FCT, I.P.), invites teams from national research institutions to submit applications for financial and/ or logistical support regarding polar research projects, in all scientific areas, to be carried out between February and September 2021. […]

Call for 13 Doctoral Scholarships

It is open, until September 14, 2020, a call to award 13 research grants for doctoral studies under the AIR Center PhD program, in various areas, such as Health, Data Science and Marine Robotics. You can get more information through the following link:

Researchers participate in the FELISE Mentoring Program

Five mentors and five mentees from the Center of Geographical Studies (IGOT-ULisboa) are participating in the FELISE – Feminist Leadership in Science program, which operates within the scope of the GEARING-Roles project. […]

Gonçalo Vieira is the new Vice President of the International Permafrost Association

Gonçalo Vieira, researcher at the Center for Geographical Studies and Professor at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, ULisboa, takes on the vice-presidency of the Executive Committee of the International Permafrost Association (IPA), having been elected for a four-year term. […]

COVID-19: (Cons)Ciência Geográfica – last webinar examines the impact of the pandemic on gender equality issues | June 24

The webinar series COVID-19: (Cons)Ciência Geográfica ends with its 9th online session on June 24, at 4pm. […]

COVID-19: (Cons)Ciência Geográfica: 8th webinar debates the city in the post-pandemic | June 17

The webinar series COVID-19: (Cons)Ciência Geográfica continues with the 8th online session on June 17, at 4pm. […]

Emerging biological risks and public policies on the 7th session of the ‘COVID-19: (Cons)Ciência Geográfica’ webinars

The webinar series COVID-19: (Cons)Ciência Geográfica continues with the 7th online session, open to the public, this time and exceptionally, on Tuesday, June 9, at 4pm. […]

COVID-19: (Cons)Ciência Geográfica: 6th webinar discusses migration and communities | June 3

The webinar series COVID-19: (Cons)Ciência Geográfica (a play on conscience and science) is focused on geographical analysis regarding COVID-19 impact within Portugal. The series is promoted by the Centre of Geographical Studies (IGOT-ULisboa). The 5th online session, open to the public, takes place on June 3rd, at 4 p.m. […]